SQUAD is committed to making diversity, equity, and inclusion part of everything we do — from how we build the products to building the workforce

Our diverse identities help define who we are and unlock our ability to innovate and be creative.

It brings different experiences and perspectives to a project so that we’re solving them in new, more efficient and inclusive ways

As a result, we’re able to make a more significant impact

We strive to create an environment of dignity, decency, respect, tolerance, and trust. Accordingly, our workplace and culture leave no space for discrimination, intimidation, oppression, or any other kind of unequal treatment.

These essential topics draw the line between what's acceptable and what's not in different situations, no matter where you are working.

Our way of creating such atmosphere is to



Discuss and actualize these important topics


Drawing the line between what's accepted and what's not in different situations


Lead by example

So we are proud to say that SQUAD is a
# harassment