Team Wellbeing

making our office A SAFE PLACE
  • Automating shared parking and office access;
  • Creating easy, yet effective policies for work in the office;
  • Installing 106 bactericidal recirculators BactoSfera ORBB 30x2 Gorizont in all office spaces and meeting rooms. The ultraviolet lamps let air through to disinfect it, defeating all pathogenic bacteria and creating a safe place for our team;
  • Installing body temperature cameras to ensure safe and fast entrance to the office for team members and visitors;
  • Ensuring access to masks, disinfectants, medical gloves, and disinfection mats for shoes;
  • Providing all food in individual packaging as well as disposable utensils;
  • Placing workstations with observance of necessary social distancing;
  • Establishing internal logistics for the delivery of equipment, documents, gifts, etc.
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    Remote work & support for our teams

    Our transition to remote work started back in March 2020 with updating our policies to make it possible to work safely and comfortably from anywhere in the world.

    With health and safety being our top priority, we maximize the team's protection by launching an updated insurance package from the very first working day to include COVID-19 diagnostics and further ambulatory and stationary treatment. Oxygen concentrators were purchased for office use, and our team members can get one for themselves or their relatives when needed. This service is available 24/7 throughout Ukraine.


    At SQUAD, we realize the importance of physical, mental health, and wellbeing for our teammates. We improved a Wellbeing Benefit Policy that encourages different interests such as hobbies, creativity, physical & mental health—revealing that it is possible to combine different types of activities in any desirable configuration.



    • Training and related activities
    • Marathon participation/registration fees
    • Tennis court and football field rentals, etc.
    • Online training & meditation programs


    • Art courses and materials
    • Art gallery & museum tickets from all over the world

    Physical & Mental Health

    • Exercise therapy, osteopathy, kinesiology, and massages
    • Nutritionists consultations
    • COVID-19 viral & antibody tests
    • Psychologists & psychotherapists consultations

    As health goes far beyond this, we launched the LifeCode Program, a long-term project focused on physical and emotional well-being by incorporating workshops, activities and volunteering opportunities on specific topics including sports, hobbies, inspiration and personal development.

    We take care of our team members during quarantine by providing plenty of virtual Work From Home events and activities while providing teammates with personal sports equipment at the company's expense.


    SQUAD continues to empower teammates by integrating LEARN, a learning management system (LMS) that makes it easier than ever to gain the skills and knowledge needed to grow within SQUAD from anywhere in the world.
    This tool makes it possible for our specialists to learn anywhere, anytime, at their own pace. Furthermore, LEARN allows students to participate in group workshops and create plans for individual development.

    Community support & charity

    Being a caring and responsible company, SQUAD supports not only the team members and their families, but also the community. We have provided charitable assistance to clinics in Kyiv and Lviv and continue to look for ways to extend our impact.

    Personal protective equipment for medical staff, oxygen concentrators, stationary pulse oximeters, and ventilators were purchased and transferred during the pandemic.

    We continue to improve our systems and COMMIT to BEING a socially responsible SQUAD team